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NEG (- ION combination) pumps

NEG pumps are vacuum pumps whose working principle is based on chemisorption and absorption. NEG pumps have several unique characteristics which make them particularly attractive from high vacuum (HV) to ultra-extreme high vacuum (UHV-XHV).

NEG pumps key features:

  • Extremely effective for Hydrogen.
  • Very compact and lightweight.
  • Reliable, long lasting and maintenance-free
  • Vibration free
  • Amagnetic
  • Radiation compatible
  • Operating without power
  • Distributed pumping

General selection criteria should consider

Refer to the table below for general guidelines. Ferrovac can provide its expertise through its highly skilled technical personnel to identify together the proper solution.

Pump installation options (flanged and flangeless), getter material (porous sintered or compressed NEG, thin film),

Pump installation Pump models/lines Selection criterions
Flanged CapaciTorr, NEXTorr, SorbAC getter cartridge pumps Easy “plug-in” installation
Flangeless ZAO Wafer modules, Sorb AC modules In situ pumping and maximization of effective pumping speed

Gas to be pumped

Getter type Pump models/lines Selection criterions
Porous Sintered NEG CapaciTorr, NEXTorr , ZAO Wafer modules Dust sensitive applications | High pumping performance
Compressed NEG SorbAC Low end applications
Thin film NEG Sputtered NEG coating Low conductance vacuum chambers

Pump operative pressure

Gas to be pumped Pressure Level  Getterable gases  Getterable gases + Inert gases
UHV (FROM 1E-7Pa to 1E-12Pa) CapaciTorr® | CapaciTorr® Z | UHV wafer modules NEXTorr® | NEXTorr Z
HV (1Pa transient-1E-6 Pa stationary) CapaciTorr® HV | HV wafer modules NEXTorr® HV

Getterable gases (H2, H2O, CO, CO2, O2, N2)
Inert gases (CH4, NOBLE GASES)

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