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Glove Box Extension Kit with FerroLoader Docking Station for UHVCTS and Cryo-Loading Station

Product code: IEKGBCR(L)

Ultimate control of the environment in terms of atmosphere and temperature is crucial for cutting edge research in experimental pysics and material science. Important sample preparation tasks such as plunge freezing and mounting of the raw sample onto a sample carrier need to be done inside an inert gas glovebox in order to avoid corrosion or other unwanted alterations of the sample. Once the sample is at cryogenic temperature and mounted to a sample carrier, the speciment needs to be transported to analytical instruments ideally under very good vacuum conditions while maintaining sufficiently low temperature.

For establishing a full environmentally controlled cryo-workflow, we are providing a system that can be attached to a free side panel of any kind of glove box. Samples can be loaded into a turbo-pumped introduction and storage chamber where samples are parked on a cold stage in a vacuum between 1E-7 to 1E-9mbar.

A FerroLoader docking station is provided to subsequently introduce the cryogenic samples into the the UHV-cryo-transfer suitcase.


Specifications: Glove Box Extension Kit with FerroLoader Docking Station for UHVCTS and Cryo-Loading Station

Technical Details and Scope of Delivery:

  • 1x ADIEKGBSP(L) - Customized stainless steel side panel Interface for Inert Gas Glove Boxes
    • Includes all required vacuum- and electrical feedthroughs, gaskets and fasteners
  • 1x IAKGBSYLA - FerroLoader Docking Station for Ultra High Vacuum Cryo Transfer Suitcases (UHVCTS)
    • Quick Connect Docking Port DN40KF for UHVCTS
    • UHV Suitcase Support Sledge
    • Cable Kit
    • LSC1 - Programmable Control Unit for Vacuum Systems
      • Installed software for full system control
      • Vacuum levels and temperature display
      • Valves and venting/pumpdown control
      • Automatic LN2 Dewar filling
      • USB interface
  • 1x PUS190 Edwards nXDS10i 190l/min or Pfeiffer HiScroll12 202l/min Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump (according to availability)
  • 1x TSIAKGB-XXXX - Support shafts for mechanical stability with clamps to attach to glove box frame - length of shafts must be specified.
  • 1x FLCSGB100 - UHV Cryo Loading Station for Gloveboxes
    • Fast Loading Chamber with O-Ring sealed quick access door, built to UHV standards, Material: DIN 1.4301
    • Liquid Nitrogen Dewar DN40CF with level sensor LNFS-0100-0160 LN2 filling line and solenoid valve controlled by the LSC1.
    • Cryo Coupling Assembly for Sample Receiver RECCLS
    • PT100 temperature sensor and electrical feedthrough
    • Universal sample receiver for Cryo Loading Stations
    • RM40-0200-0010-DRVRMOTL(LV) - Motorized Sample Transporter DN40CF (vertical lift). Fully motorized linear axis with control unit and 2x key panels  for operation inside + outside of the glove boxl
    • 2x Viewport DN100CF, Kodial
    • 1x DN100CF O-Ring sealed quick access door including detection switch
    • All required blank flanges, gaskets and bolt sets
  • 1x AFGBSYLAKF40CF40 :: Adapter flange for Glove Box Side Panel KF40 to CF40R
  • 1x TEGBCF63RTCF40RTCF63RTL140 - T-Piece for Glove Box Extension Kit IEKGB with 2x DN63CF and one DN40CF Side Port
  • 1x PMCOMPKR361DN40CF - PKR 361, active line full range vacuum gauge, range 1E-9 to 1000 mbar
  • 1x PMCGA3M - Cable CG for Pfeiffer active line transmitters, length=3m
  • 1x PUTKAGIL74FSCF63 - AGILENT Turbopump TwisTorr 74FS DN63CF package with accessories
  • 1x FLCSVVVCOMPO - Roughing Line Components- and Solenoid Valves for Loading Station
  • 1x CRLNTLFT - Liquid Nitrogen Transfer Lines, Feedthroughs and Control Valves Package
    • pressurized transfer line from a standard LN2 dewar to the glove box
    • LN2 feedthroughs
    • solenoid LN2 valves
    • exhaust pipes
  • 1x VAGBPRKF40P05PNSOL - Electrical Pressure Relief valve for Glove Box, KF40, 5...20mbar
  • 1x FRMCARTGBSYT - Height Adjustable Trolley for easy Glove Box Side Panel mounting
  • 1x PCGPNGB - Transport Box for Glove Box Adaptation Packages IEKGB(CR)

Requirements for installation/operation:

  • Exhaust gas line leading safely outside the building/laboratory for excess N2 gas and pump exhaust
  • Mains supply voltyge 100-230 VAC 50-60HZ
  • Compressed air: 4.5-7 bar according to ISO standard 8573-1:2010 [7:4:4]
  • N2: max 0.5 bar
  • Toolset for metric fasteners
  • Liquid Nitrogen: max. 1.5 bar, connecting to 3/4" UNF nipple
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