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CAPACITorr® Z1000 NEG pump DN 100CF

Product code: PUSAESCAPACITorr®1000-100

The CapaciTorr® Z 1000 pump is based on high performance SAES® ZAO® sintered porous getter disks. The getter cartridge is provided separately from the CF63 or CF100 base flange, which incorporate a built-in heater that directly connects to the flange power feedthrough.

The pump is equipped with a K-type thermocouple electrically insulated within an alumina tube, for optimal temperature control during conditioning and activation. The CapaciTorr Z 1000 pump offers its best performance when installed directly in the vacuum system using the standard CF63 or CF100 flange. Alternatively, the pump can be installed as an appendage using an optional pump body.

The ZAO getter material provides superior pumping performance for H2 than the St 172.

Specifications: CAPACITorr® Z1000 NEG pump DN 100CF

  • Flange: 100CF
  • Getter Surface: 1530 cm2
  • Alloy type: ZAO
  • Activision power: 190 W
  • NEG length: 145 mm

Datasheet SAES CAPACITorr® Z 1000

SAES CAPACITorr overview



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