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Factory overhaul of WMG40 Wobblestick

Product code: SERFWMG40

The slide bearings are the only parts of the wobblestick that wear out. Many bakeout periods lead to slight deformation of the slide bearings. This could result into disturbances of the motion smoothness and probably higher outgassing rates. We offer an all-over factory overhaul for inner and outer bearings and readjustement of any style of pincer grips.

Specifications: Factory overhaul of WMG40 Wobblestick

  • disassembly and ultrasonic cleaning
  • slide bearing replacement, air- and vacuumside
  • functional inspection
  • fully UHV compatible materials
  • cleaned to UHV standards

All products sent back to Ferrovac require a "Declaration of contamination of manipulator"

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