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PBN Heater Assembly for Flag Style Plates

Product code: HSOMPBN50

HSOMPBN50 heaters can be implemented in fully configured heating stages including flange assembly with electrical feedthroughs. The HSOMPBN50 is also used in BOOMERAX manipulators and can be easily adapted to practically any commercially available XYZ manipulator.

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HSOMPBN50 PBN Heater Assembly for Flag Style Plates 4 -7'387.51 CHF

Specifications: PBN Heater Assembly for Flag Style Plates

  • Maximum Temperature: 1000°C
  • Maximum Power: 120W (40V, 3.0A at ~1000°C)
  • Power Supply: Not included (Recommendation: Power 150W, Voltage Range: 0-50V, Current Range: 0-5A)
  • Installed Thermocouple:  K-type (chromel/alumel)
  • Materials:  All used materials are fully UHV compatible
    • Boralectric Heater: Pyrolytic boron nitride, pyrolytic graphite
    • Body/ Housing: Molybdenum
    • Sample Plate Receiver: Molybdenum
    • Isolators: Ceramics (Al203)
    • Mounting Sleeves: Stainless Steel (1.4301)
    • Screws/ Washers: Molybdenum, stainless steel (grade A4)
  • Tolerances:
    • Machined Parts:  ISO 2768-m-K

Downloads: drawing (pdf)  /  temperature chart (jpg)  /  manual (pdf)

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