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NEXTorr® D300-5 NEG - ION combination pump 300l/s H2

Product code: PUSAESNEXTorr®D300-5

The getter cartridge is made of porous sintered getter disks (St 172) stacked in a highly efficient gas trapping structure featuring pumping speed in excess of 300 l/s (H2). The cartridge is integrated into a CF 63 flange containing a heating element for the getter activation. After the activation is carried out (500 °C x 1 h), the pump removes gases at room temperature without any need for electric power to operate. On the other side of the same flange, a diode ion pump featuring 6 l/s (Ar) is connected. Gas flows from the vacuum system to the ion pump through an optimized conductance. The optimized conductance and the special internal design of the ion pump allow the maximum exploitation of the ion pump sorption performance.

The configuration of the ion pump with respect of the getter cartridge provides additional pumping synergies. Gases released by the ion pump during the operation, are intercepted and removed by the getter element, with a substantial reduction of back streaming effects. For the same reasons, increased pumping efficiency for H2 and CH4 are obtained. Fine titanium particles which are known to be continuously emitted by ion pumps during operation are also effectively trapped by the getter element, reducing potential contamination of the vacuum system.

Specifications: NEXTorr® D300-5 NEG - ION combination pump 300l/s H2

  • Total pump weight (magnets included): 3.1 kg
  • Flange: DN 63CF
  • Total pump volume: 0.6 litre
  • Type of ion pump: Diode
  • Operation Voltage Ion Element: 5.0 kVdc
  • Operation Voltage NEG Element: 20 Vdc
  • Getter Surface: 342 cm2

Downloads: datasheet SAES NEXTorr® D 300-5

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