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Three-Point Drawer Style Receivers for Flag Style Plates

Product code: RECOM3S(ST)

The receiver for SHOM3S sample plates is manufactured from one block. Ruby spheres fix the position of the sample by a proper three-point contact. The receiver can be manufactured from a variety of materials like stainless steel, titanium, berylliumcopper, molybdenum... please ask for your preferred material. The receiver can be Dicronite ™ dry lube coated to reduce sticking and ceasing effects. High temperature versions made of molybdenum or tantalum are also available.

Other materials:

beryllium copper RECOM3S(CB)
molybdenum RECOM3S(MO)
stainless steel 1.4301 RECOM3S(ST)
tantalum RECOM3S(TA)
titanium RECOM3S(TI)

Specifications: Three-Point Drawer Style Receivers for Flag Style Plates

  • fully UHV compatible
  • housing and screws made of 1.4301
  • spheres: ruby
  • leaf springs: beryllium copper

Downloads: drawing (pdf) / 3D-model (stp)

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