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Sample Holder for Single Crystals

May 2016

As an example for a flag style sample holder for single crystals, the SHOMCH can be individually adapted to suit other monocrystalline types.SHOMCH

This special flag style sample holder simplifies the process of mounting single crystals (type K005), it's four slits in the retaining plate ensuring safe and level clamping.

If you use another single crystal type and/or need other dimensions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Fast Pump Down Dock with UHV Booster

April 2016

The VSCT40 dock paves the way for rapid transfer from a UHV Suitcase to your UHV system.

Our portable UHV-Suitcases are the most refined and easiest way of transporting samples under true UHV conditions between instruments in different locations.
In order to also greatly speed up transfer of your samples from the UHV-Suitcase into the UHV- System, our VSCT40 transfer chamber establishes sufficient vacuum within a fraction of the time needed when baking out conventionally. Vacuum in the VSCT40 is created using a turbo pump as well as a cryogenic pump.

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Hollow Shaft Sample Transporter with In-Vacuum Brake and Belt Drive

March 2016

The RMHS40-IVBR-TSRMBD serves as a vertically mounted manipulator, commonly used for sample insertion into cryogenic SPM's.

The layout of these systems calls for long travel and precise manipulation.
The RMHS40 sample transporter features a specially treated hollow shaft that offers the necessary straightness, lighter weight and crucially it also avoids excessive thermal conduction.

Strongly recommended for safety reasons is the inclusion of an IVBR in-vacuum brake that prevents the inner shaft from suddenly dropping, should the magnetic coupling be let go by accident.

Facilitating the handling of such long sample transporters, the TSRMBD belt drive provides quick elevation over longer distances using it's belt. Two hand wheels enable precise linear as well as rotary positioning.

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Pictured below: IVBR In-Vacuum Brake

RMHS40_IVBR_TSRMBD Application example

Application example (with UHV cube) shown: Scanning tunneling microscope setup operating in UHV, very low temperature (T<0.1K) and high magnetic field (B>15T). The hollow shaft, belt-driven sample transporter by Ferrovac enables top-loading of the sample and tip holders from the transfer chamber (UHV cube) down to the STM head.
Engineering: Dominique Grand (Institut Néel, CNRS & Université Grenoble Alpes)
PI: Benjamin Sacépé (Institut Néel, CNRS & Université Grenoble Alpes)

Hexapod Port Aligners

January/February 2016

Used to align transfer axes of manipulator-to-chamber or chamber-to-chamber systems, port aligners are indispensable for most sample manipulations and transfer mechanics in UHV.

While all types of port aligner allow for angular and linear adjustments and compensation, the "HEX" models additionally enable lateral axis displacement.

Thanks to this enhanced flexibility, the axis of for example a sample transporter can be aligned with two different sample exchange positions in just one setting.
Hexapod port aligners are also especially sturdy.

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A great specific example of their implementation is by Imagine Optic, who have made our PA63HEX a standard part of their HASO EUV wavefront sensors (pictured below):


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Thanks to very recent optimizations in the design and production process of our hexapod port aligners, we've been able to adjust their prices accordingly:




Port Aligner DN40CF with hexapod geometry for full degree of freedom

 CHF 1'450.00  CHF 1'870.00

Port Aligner DN63CF with hexapod geometry for full degree of freedom


 CHF 2'140.00 CHF 2'580.00
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