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Cubical UHV Chamber 3xDN63CFT and 3xDN40CFT

Product code: CB633XCF63T3XCF40T

Spherical Cubes made from high strength aluminium alloys are ideally suited to build UHV load lock systems. Aluminium has a much lower desorption rate of hydrogen, compared to stainless steel. This particular cube features three DN63CF and three DN40CF ports. The larger ports are used for pumping, mounting a quick access door, samples storage and viewports, while the smaller inset DN40 ports are used for a transfer manipulator, gate valve and vacuum gauge. Needless to say that this cube can be used for a lot of other configurations as well.

For Aluminium CF chambers and components, it is mandatory to use soft annealed copper gaskets.

Specifications: Cubical UHV Chamber 3xDN63CFT and 3xDN40CFT

  • material: EN AW-2024 high strengt aluminium alloy
  • Ports 1,3 and 5: DN40CF, ID38mm, 12 holes, tapped M6, inset 11mm (see drawing)
  • Ports 2 and 6 : DN63CF, ID66mm, 16 holes, tapped M8
  • Port 4: DN63CF, ID68mm, 8 holes, tapped M8
  • body dimensions: 114x114x114mm, sphere radius 80mm
  • weight: 1.94 kg

IMPORTANT: Use only soft annealed copper gaskets!

Drawing sheet 2

Drawing sheet 3

3D-Model (STP)


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