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FastLoaderCube UHV Load Lock Turnkey System

Product code: FL40X63B

The FL40X63 "B" configuration FastLoaderCube load lock system is a complete turnkey system and shows just one example how a load lock system can be built using our wide range of sample handling solutions.

The configuration shown here is ready to use, includes all pumping and vacuum measuring devices and a programmable control unit, pre-configured to measure the vacuum level and fully control pumpdown and venting cycles.

FL40X63B Configuration is equipped with the following accessories:

  • P1 Transfer port DN40CF: Gate valve DN40CF (VAT series 10), port aligner DN40CF (L=60 +-3 mm)
  • P2 Top port DN63CF: Adapter DN63CF to DN40CF with 2x DN16CF side ports (illumination / spare), MD40 vertical lift with storage stack for 6 flag style plates, S1R Baton II bright LED-lamp with USB charging cable
  • P3 Manipulator port: Linear-/rotary transfer manipulator MD40 with installed GRABSHOM grabber tool
  • P4 Side port DN63CF: QAD63 O-Ring sealed quick access door
  • P5 Vacuum Gauge Port DN40CF: Pfeiffer PKR361 wide range vacuum gauge
  • P6 Pumping port DN63CF: Pfeiffer HiPace80 turbomolecular pump and protective grid.

You can freely define the linear travel range (XXXX in mm) of the manipulator and its sledge within reasonable limits.

This configuration further includes:

  • PUM013 membran puimp
  • LSC1 control unit for vacuum systems
  • Complete set of cables
  • Fasteners and annealed Cu-Gaskets

Please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Specifications: FastLoaderCube UHV Load Lock Turnkey System

  • Transfer port: DN40CF
  • Pumping port: DN63CF
  • Chamber material: Stainless Steel 304L
  • Viewport flanges and valve adapter material: Stainless steel 340L
  • Viewports: Standard Kodial (Borosilicate Glass)
  • Includes VAT series 10 mini UHV gatevalve DN40CF
  • Fast entry port: FKM-O-ring Seal
  • Conflat flanges sealed with annealed copper gaskets (mandatory)
  • Includes MD40(Y0) with sample storage for 6x Flag Style Sample Plates
  • Linear Travel: Customized, Please specify.
  • Transfer arm end effector or sample storage: Please specify.
  • Bakeout temperature: 200°C

This product contains the following under-products:

  • 1x CB633XCF63T3XCF40T - Cubical UHV Chamber 3xDN63CFT and 3xDN40CFT
  • 1x PA40 - Port Aligner DN40CF
  • 1x VG40VAT - UHV mini gate valve DN40CFT, manual operation
  • 1x MZFCHCF63CF40T5XCF16T - Chamber for Electrical Feedthroughs of BOOMERAX Manipulators
  • 1x MD40(Y0)-0130-0001 - Linear/Rotary Feedthrough zero retracted length linear travel 130mm retracted length 1mm
  • 1x TSMDH-0203 - Tube Support for MD40 and MD16-ADCF16TS single sided length 203mm
  • 1x RECOMSTACK(06H04S)LH - Stack of 6 Receptacles for Sample Storage with 4mm Spacers, on Straight Adapter, Mounted Inversely Labelled
  • 1x SL-1 - Sun-Light, LED lamp
  • 1x MD40-0500-0030 - Linear/Rotary Feedthrough DN40CF linear travel 500mm retracted length 30mm
  • 1x TSMDH-0573 - Tube Support for MD40 and MD16-ADCF16TS single sided length 573mm
  • 1x GRABSHOM - Gripper for Flag Style Plates, ID 8mm
  • 1x QAD63VP - Quick Access Door with Viewport DN63CF
  • 1x PMCOMPKR361CF40 - PKR 361, High Current, DN 40 CF-F
  • 1x PUTKHIPACE80 - Pfeiffer Turbopump HiPace 80 package with accessories
  • 1x PUM013 - Diaphragm Vacuum Pump 13l/min (0.78 m3/h)
  • 1x LSC1.0 - Control Unit for Vacuum Systems

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