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Deflection Limiter (3deg) for Wobblesticks DN40CF

Product code: TSWMDL(3)

The TSWMDL(3) limits the angular deflection of WM40 and WMG40 wobblesticks to three degrees. This limitation is for example useful if a greater angular range could lead to collisions of the wobblestick with other devices in the vacuum chamber.

For bump protection the use of a TSWM Parking-/Protection rail is still recommended.

Different limitations of the angle are possible. Please contact us directly if this is desired.

Specifications: Deflection Limiter (3deg) for Wobblesticks DN40CF

Download 3D model (stp)


Pictured right: WMG40-0100-0063-TSWMDL(3)
Dual Shaft Wobblestick DN40CF with Deflection Limiter TSWMDL(3)

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