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Single Axis X-Translator, +/-3 mm travel

Product code: MX16TX3

This micrometer driven X translator with a travel range of +/- 3mm allows the accurate positioning of equipment along one axis. Typical applications are the alignment of apertures, beam monitors or other small elements inside a vacuum vessel. The bellows inner diameter is 16mm. In order to use the full X travel range, the diameter of the inserted device should not exceed 10mm. MX16 tables use cross roller bearings for ultimate precision and high stiffness. The DN16CF mounting flanges are tapped M4 on both sides of the manipulator. Motorized versions are available on request.

Specifications: Single Axis X-Translator, +/-3 mm travel

  • mounting flanges: DN16CF, tapped M4
  • travel range: +/- 3mm
  • bore diameter: 36mm
  • resolution: 2 microns
  • repeatability: 4 microns
  • bakeout temperature: 150 °C max. fully UHV compatible materials

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Possibly an end-user certificate (EUC) is required from purchaser.
Export licence from the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) or Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) may be required


The following is a list of compatible options for MX16TX3 Single Axis X-Translator, +/-3 mm travel.

List price:

266.00 CHF

244.82 EUR*
288.57 USD*

Upgrade from Manual to Motorized Version of MX16-3 Single Axis X-Translator

Product code: UPGRADEMX16-3(+MOT)

Motorization upgrade for Single Axis X-Translator with DN16CF mounting flange and +/-3 mm travel

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