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Receptacle for SHOM sample plates

Product code: RECOMHTR1001S

A simple way of building a heating stage is to combine the RECOM with a HTR1001 Boralectric™ resistive heating element. The receptacle for SHOM sample plates can be mounted directly on top of the heater: The RECOM adapter is therefore made of Molybdenum.

The Boralectric™ heater is not included and must be ordered separately either directly from the manufacturer.

Specifications: Receptacle for SHOM sample plates

  • Fully UHV compatible
  • Materials:
    • Housing: molybdenum
    • Leaf Springs: molybdenum
    • Spheres: ruby
  • excl. heat element and screws

download drawing (pdf)
download 3D model RECOMHTR10001S (step) - Heater not included in this product, for reference only.

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