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NEG Power Supply mini

Product code: SAESNEGPowerMi

NEG POWER MINI is a single-channel electronic unit specifically designed to control the activation and conditioning processes of low-power SAES NEG pumps.

The NEG POWER MINI can be operated locally by push buttons or remotely controlled with Modbus protocol over Ethernet or RS232 interface.

Designed for operating the following Pumps:

  • CapaciTorr; D50, D100, D200, D400, Z100, Z200, Z400, HV200
  • NEXTorr; D100, D200, D300, D500, Z100, Z200, Z300, HV100, HV200, HV300
  • GP; GP50 (onely St 707)
  • NEG modules; HV400, UHV700

Specifications: NEG Power Supply mini

  • Adjustable DC voltage, max. 35V
  • max. Current 5A
  • max. Power 150W
  • LAN remote control

Downloads: Datasheet SAES NEG Power mini (pdf)

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