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Dual Shaft Single Rotary Sample Transporter

Product code: RMD40-XXXX-YYYY

The RMD40 is an extra sturdy all metal sealed, vacuum-side-all-metal transfer rod with independent rotation of the inner shaft. It's main purpose is to transport samples between UHV-chambers. Its square shaped tubular shaft provides higher stability compared to solid shaft sample transporters and is therefore the ideal choice for longer stroke models >750mm and/or whenever heavier loads are transferred.

In addition, the independent rotary motion allows for operating a pincer or a rotatable sample carrier platform. A set of rare earth magnets on the air- and vacuumside provides the necessary force to ensure a rigid coupling from the handle to the shaft. The square shaft and inner shaft are guided by Dicronite (WS2) dry lube coated sapphire hybride ball bearings.

Standard shaft orientation is as indicated in the image on the left. Shaft orientation may be of importance in when a PGRMS pincer is installed.

Depending on the chamber flange bolt hole orientation, the pincer jaws will open in a horizontal or a vertical plane. For a 30° rotated shaft orientation, please specify the (H) option.





  • Standard strokes: 0500 / 0750 / 1000mm
  • Standard retracted length: 0050mm
  • Customized stroke: Specify XXXX min. 50mm / max. 1000mm
  • Customized retracted length: Specify YYYY min. 45mm / max. 200mm

Standard example: RMD40-0500-0045 = Single Shaft Sample Transporter DN40CF, 500mm linear travel, 45mm retracted length.

Customized Example: RMD40-0650-0100 = Single Shaft Sample Transporter DN40CF, 650mm linear travel, 100mm retracted length .

RMD40 compatible options and accessories: See below.


Specifications: Dual Shaft Single Rotary Sample Transporter

linear travel X >= 50mm AND <= 1000mm; standard 0mm
retracted length Y >= 45mm AND <= 200mm; standard 50mm

  • linear force: ~70N
  • torque: ~5Nm
  • bakeout temperature: 200 °C max.
  • pressure range 1E-11mbar to 1000mbar
  • fully UHV compatible materials

drawing (pdf)  /  3D-model (Stp)  /  deflection chart  /  manual (pdf)

Options and Accessories

List price:

2'196.32 CHF

2'323.85 EUR*
2'490.47 USD*

Pincer for Flag Style Plates

Product code: PGRMS(OMH)

As an accessory to our dual shaft sample transporters, this pincer is used to handle standard flag style sample plates.

List price:

4'635.00 CHF

4'904.14 EUR*
5'255.76 USD*

Pincer for Wafer Handling

Product code: PGRMWAF

High force pincer for direct gripping of 2"... 6" wafers. To protect the wafer and for a secure grip, the jaws are equipped with FKM-O-rings.

List price:

on request

Wafer Handling and Lifting Device

Product code: FRKLIFT

A gearbox combined with a set of linear guide rails translates the rotation of the inner shaft of a dual sample transporter into a vertical motion.

With an appropriate fork installed, semiconductor wafers can be picked up from a parking station, transferred and subsequently lowered onto a second parking position.

List price:

2'725.68 CHF

2'883.95 EUR*
3'090.73 USD*

Gear Driven Rotatable Storage Platform for 4 flag style plates

Product code: RSCRMJ4OM

A set of gears driven by the inner shaft of a dual sample transporter provides for azimuthal rotation of the storage- and transfer platform. The platform accepts up to four commonly used flag style plates.

List price:

1'633.16 CHF

1'727.99 EUR*
1'851.89 USD*

Hexapod Port Aligner DN40CF for angular and lateral displacement

Product code: PA40HEX

Hexapod Port aligner DN40CF (2.75" OD), L=90 +/-5mm, free inner diameter 38mm (if centered). Hexapod port aligners are especially sturdy and allow for adjustment of lateral as well as angular displacement.

List price:

1'109.42 CHF

1'173.84 EUR*
1'258.00 USD*

Port Aligner DN40CF

Product code: PA40

Port aligner DN40CF (2.75" OD), L=90 +/-5mm, free bore 38mm

List price:

1'850.00 CHF

1'957.42 EUR*
2'097.77 USD*

Compact Port Aligner DN40CF

Product code: PA40E

Compact port aligner DN40CF (2.75" OD), L=60mm +4mm/-11.3mm, free bore 38mm.

List price:

892.04 CHF

943.84 EUR*
1'011.51 USD*

Tube support with pivot mounted shafts OD 10mm

Product code: TSRMB

Two left/right treaded 10mm OD bars to support and protect the sample transporter.

List price:

1'368.47 CHF

1'447.93 EUR*
1'551.75 USD*

Extra-Sturdy tube support with pivot mounted shafts OD 16mm

Product code: TSRMBS

Two left/right threaded 16mm OD shafts to support and protect your sample transporter. Recommended for sample transporters with a travel range >=750mm


List price:

on request

Belt Drive with Hand Wheels (Linear & Rotary) for Sample Transporters

Product code: TSRMBD

Belt drive with one hand wheel for linear- and a small, precise hand wheel for rotary motion. For easy handling of vertically mounted sample transporters RM40, RMJ40, RMD40 and GMD40.

List price:

2'100.58 CHF

2'222.55 EUR*
2'381.91 USD*

Manual Linear Drive with Handwheel

Product code: DRVRM

Manual Linear Drive with Handwheel for RM and GMD Sample Transporters.

List price:

6'545.02 CHF

6'925.07 EUR*
7'421.58 USD*

Motorized linear drive for sample transporter

Product code: DRVRMOTL

1-axis motorized precision drive unit for RM and GMD sample transporters for automatic and reproducible extension of the shaft. Rotary motion is done manually.

List price:

9'980.57 CHF

10'560.11 EUR*
11'317.25 USD*

Motorized linear and rotary drive for sample transporter

Product code: DRVRMOTLR

2-axis motorized precision drive unit for RM and GMD sample transporters for automatic and reproducible extension and rotation of the shaft.

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