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Compact DN40CF T-piece

Product code: TECF40L90

This T-piece with one fixed DN40CF flanges with in-line oriented clear holes and two rotatable DN40CF flanges with clear holes has an extra short length of 90mm. It's designed to use as buffer volume between the VSH40 (vacuum suitcase) and the preparation chamber. Mounted to the recipient and equipped with one more gate valve, the T-piece acts as a load lock and can be evacuated shortly with a mobile pumping station through the rotatable DN40CF flange. Thus the sample interchange can occur without a nameable loss of pressure in the recipient.

Specifications: Compact DN40CF T-piece

adds 90.0mm to dimension Y of the main product

  • mounting flange: 3x DN40CF (1x fixed, 2x rot)
  • length: 90mm
  • inner tube diameter: 38mm
  • material: stainless steel (1.4301)
  • He leak rate: 1x10-9 mbar*l/s

Downloads: drawing (pdf)


The TECF40L90 Compact DN40CF T-piece suits the following products:

List price:

54'950.00 CHF

55'976.61 EUR*
55'371.93 USD*

NexGeneration UHV Suitcase for Room-Temperature Transfer - Long Throw

Product code: VSN40S(VRV)L

This common configuration of the NexGeneration UHV features a WM40 single-shaft wobblestick and a GRABSHOM grabber tool for SHOM sample plates for sample transfer.
The additional MD40(Y0) single shaft linear/rotary feedthrough holds a stack of three single and two double-height sample receivers and the rear-view welded window offers an essential additional view of the transfer point, exactly where you need it.

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