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Integrated Fast Pump Down Dock for UHV Transfer Modules

Product code: IAKUHV40

The ultra-compact VSCTDH40 transfer chamber enables the exceptionally fast transfer of a sample from a portable UHV-Suitcase into a UHV-System.

The fully integrated Instrument Adaptation Kit for UHV-Docking provides a complete solution for your UHV docking needs. The central LSC controller makes pumpdown, transfer, and venting a hastle-free experience. With all of the required gaugues, valves and pumps included in the package, all you need is a CF40 flange on your system to get going.

This system is pumped with a scroll pump, a miniature turbo-molecular pump, and a liquid nitrogen cryogenic pump. Fast venting is aided by a small DC heater cartridge in the cryo-booster. UHV is established within approximately 30 minutes, providing a very efficient solution for UHV sample transfer without the need for a time-consuming bakeout.

Through automatic venting with dry nitrogen, the pumpdown times are kept low even in high usage cycles.

For our regular suitcases we recomment the use of the support trolley FRMCARTZXRVS, and the mini suitcase is light enough to be attached without added support.


Specifications: Integrated Fast Pump Down Dock for UHV Transfer Modules

Fully assembled, wired and tested docking station for Ferrovac UHV suitcases.

Main features:

  • VSCTDH40 Fast-pumpdown chamber with LN2 UHV-Booster with integrated heater cartridge.
  • AGILENT Turbopump TwisTorr 74FS DN63CF package
  • Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump, 103l/min (6.2 m3/h)
  • Mini UHV gate valve DN40CFT, pneumatic with solenoid and position indicator
  • Angle Valve DN16KF, pneumatic with pos. indicator, solenoid valve, closing spring
  • LSC1.0 Control Unit for Vacuum Systems
  • Cable Kit for UHV Docking Stations with LSC Controller
  • PKR 361, active line full range vacuum gauge, range 1E-9 to 1000 mbar

Requires the following additional parts (not included in the scope of delivery):

  • Compressed Air Line (4.5-7 bar) and Tubing (4mm push-to-connect) to ISO 8573-1:2010 [7:4:4]
  • Nitrogen Gas Line (0.5-1 bar) and Tubing (6mm push-to-connect)
  • Electrical supply cable IEC 320 C8 to IEC socket of your specific country
  • FRMCARTZXRVS Support Trolley for Universal Suitcase Docking
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