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Portable Vacuum Exsiccator

Product code: EXSICA3P

The portable version of our vacuum exsiccator is compact, lightweighted and easy to carry around. Transparency of the polished PMMA as well as the storage box sets ensures a clear view and easy organization of your samples.

After pumpdown with a membrane pump, the exsiccator holds a base pressure of approximately 25mbar for a period of several months. A pressure meter roughly indicates the vacuum level. The box can be filled with inert gas if desired. An overpressure valve is provided for safety reasons. A valve with 6mm tube quick connectors is provided for pumpdown and venting.

Ideal in combination with the PUM005 Roughing pump 5l/min (0.3 m3/h) which can be mounted directly under the EXSICA3P with quick couplings for ease of use and handling (sketch right).

Specifications: Portable Vacuum Exsiccator


  • material: PMMA GS transparent
  • wall thickness: 15mm
  • shelves: 2 pieces, removable
  • pump and vent connection: 1 straight valve with quick connector for metric 6mm Serto tube fitting
  • security valve: opens at 200mbar overpressure
  • pressure gauge: -1 to +0.6 bar
  • door: O-Ring seal, 1 clip catch
  • weight: 3.9kg
  • outline dimensions, incl. valves, hinges etc: (W x H x D)= 265 x 206 x 212mm
  • inside dimensions: (W x H x D)= 200 x 120 x 105mm
  • including 3 storage containers with 18 compartments

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