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Desktop Temperature Controller 16A, K type TC input

Product code: TMHT31

If a controlled and careful heating-up is required, the combination of power controller and PD temperature regulator produces reliable results.

With this electronic power controller the nominal power can be adjusted between 100 % to 0 according to individual power requirements. This is especially important at low temperatures when too much power would cause an overswing of the control circuit.

The set-point of the temperature regulator can be digitally adjusted into increments of 1 °C. Due to the adjustable control amplifier, the regulator can be adapted to the respective controlled system. The accuracy can be kept even if there are extreme demands on differing control systems.

If the sensor connection or the sensor element is broken, the device shuts down immediately. A control lamp indicates the failure. With an apparatus clamp, the regulator can be easily mounted onto a stand. The clamp can be fixed on the rear of the device.

Linear voltage output: For the connection e.g. to a recording instrument or a digital display, the regulator has a linearized voltage output.

Specifications: Desktop Temperature Controller 16A, K type TC input

  • type: HT 31
  • control system: P-PD two-position regulator 
  • temperature sensor input: K type thermocouple
  • power control: triac
  • switching power: 3450 W at 230 V
  • mains switch: 2-pole luminous
  • degree of accuracy: 1 %
  • servo amplifier: 0.5 ... 5 %
  • actual value output: 10 mV
  • power control: 0 ... 100 %
  • safety class: I
  • protection category: IP 30 (EN 60529)
  • mains cable: 1.3 m
  • case dimensions: 75 x 161 x 136 mm
  • case material: coated steel/aluminum
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