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Sample Holder 13 Electrical Contacts CuBe2, Gold plated including temperature sensor

Product code: SHOMEC13(CB-DT)

A temperature sensor where you really need one: Right on the back side of your sample

Accurate temperature measurement is usually problematic with transferrable sample plates. Here, a DT-670 silicon diode is placed right underneath the sample mounting plate. By re-machining the sample mounting plate for a specific sample, it becomes possible to bring the temperature sensor even in direct contact with the actual sample. Full specifications of DT-670 sensors can be found here:

Reproducible positioning due to kinematic snap in mechanism

Flag style sample plates are commonly used in many home built and commercial UHV surface science instruments and scanning probe microscopes. The standard holders have the disadvantage of non-reproducible positioning when placed into their receptors. In order to overcome this problem, we have introduced three slits in the sample plate, while keeping the outline dimensions and compatibility with existing transfer systems and receptors. If placed into the corresponding receptor which features three ruby spheres, our modified SHOM snaps in reproducibly with a precision in the micrometer range.

Up to 13 electrical high quality spring contacts for wiring up devices

The SHOMEC13 features a total of thirteen high quality spring contacts mounted into an AlN-isolator. The shape and opening of the top plate and



Specifications: Sample Holder 13 Electrical Contacts CuBe2, Gold plated including temperature sensor

  • Number of contacts: 13
  • features three slits for snap-in
  • contact stroke: 0.235mm
  • materials:
    • isolators: Shapal M
    • base plate: CuBe2, Gold plated over Ni-P, non magnetic
    • shield cap: CuBe2, Gold plated over Ni-P, non magnetic
    • contacts: CuBe, Gold plated over Ni, weakly magnetic
    • screws: molybdenum
  • shield cap widow size: □6x6mm
  • max. temperature: 180°C
  • requires RECOMEC13(LT) sample receptor assembly

Downloads: drawing p1|3 (pdf)  /  drawing p2|3 (pdf)  /  drawing p3|3 (pdf)

  • including a DT-670 silicon diode temperature sensor
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