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Linear/Rotary Feedthrough DN16CF

Product code: MD16-0300-0030

Magnetically driven linear/rotary feedthrough with mounting flange DN16CF.

Order code: MD16-0300-0030

Linear travel 300mm, retracted shaft length 30mm, continuously rotatable.

Torque can be doubled to 1Nm with the HT option to optimize torsional applications like using the manipulator as a screwdriver.

Specifications: Linear/Rotary Feedthrough DN16CF

  • linear travel: 300mm
  • mounting flange DN 16CF (1.33" O.D.)
  • linear force: 30N
  • torque: 0.5Nm
  • bakeout temperature: 150deg C max.
  • pressure range 1E-11mbar to 1000mbar
  • fully UHV compatible materials

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The following is a list of compatible options for MD16-0300-0030 Linear/Rotary Feedthrough DN16CF.

List price:

3'920.00 CHF

3'610.57 EUR*
4'005.72 USD*

Motorized Linear Drive for MD16 Feedthrough

Product code: DRVMDMOTL16

1-axis motorized high precision drive for MD16 linear/rotary feedthroughs, for automatic and reproducible extension of the shaft. Rotary motion is done manually.

List price:

5'920.00 CHF

5'452.70 EUR*
6'049.46 USD*

Motorized Linear and Rotary Drive for MD16 Feedthrough

Product code: DRVMDMOTLR16

2-axis motorized high precision drive for MD16 linear/rotary feedthroughs, for automatic and reproducible extension and rotation of the shaft.

List price:

135.00 CHF

124.34 EUR*
137.95 USD*

Adapter CF16 for TSMD(H)

Product code: ADCF16TS

Adapter CF16 for TSMD and TSMDH

List price:

300.00 CHF

276.32 EUR*
306.56 USD*

Tube Support for MD40 and MD16-ADCF16TS

Product code: TSMD

Tube Support for MD40 and MD16-ADCF16TS.
Two parallel 8mm diameter shafts are protecting the tube unit against accidental bending.

List price:

250.00 CHF

230.27 EUR*
255.47 USD*

Tube Support for MD40 and MD16-ADCF16TS single sided

Product code: TSMDH

Single sided tube support for MD16(TS) and MD40.
One 8mm diameter shaft protects the tube unit from accidental bending.

List price:

988.00 CHF

910.01 EUR*
1'009.61 USD*

Grabber Tool ID 8mm for SHOM Plates

Product code: GRABSHOM

Tool for grabbing and handling SHOM flag style sample plates, using either a single shaft linear/rotary feedthrough or GMD40/RM40 sample transporter.

List price:

2'145.00 CHF

1'975.68 EUR*
2'191.91 USD*

Flat Revolving Sample Carrier for SHOM sample plates

Product code: RSCFL4OM

Especially compact carrier for four SHOM sample plates. Fits to KS load locks and all MD, RM40 and GMD sample transporters.

List price:

215.00 CHF

198.03 EUR*
219.70 USD*

Upgrade to 200°C Bakeable Version of Single Shaft Wobblesticks and Single L/R Feedthroughs

Product code: UPGRADEHB_MKS

Upgrade from 150°C to 200°C Bakeout Temperature for Single Shaft Wobblesticks and L/R Feedthroughs.

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