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Instrument Adaptation Kit for Thermo Fisher Helios QuickLoader


An adaptation to the Thermo Fisher QuickLoaderTM - i.e. attach the UHVCTM to the QuickLoader chamber and transfer the sample carrier directly from the UHVCTM, through the QuickLoaderTM chamber. The docking package is directly mounted to the Port L of the FIB-SEM chamber.

We currently provide 3 different docking solutions for the Thermo Fisher Helios system: A Direct Docking (DD), Fast Loader (FL) and Quick Loader (QL) solution. For direct comparison, please consult our Product Catalogue (pdf). This product is a possible option if the customer already has the original Thermo Fisher QuickLoaderTM installed and wants to add docking of the UHVCTM. Important: This configuration greatly limits sample height and sample holder size due to the small diameter of the QuickLoaderTM flange!

Main features:

  • Direct loading of samples by using the original QuickLoaderTM
  • Docking of UHVCTM through adapter flange
  • Linear support sledge for UHVCTM
  • Valve controller and interface
  • Free inner diameter of transfer flanges: 23.7mm (limits sample size!)
  • Weight: 6.36kg


Requires following additional parts (not provided by Ferrovac):

  • Original QuickLoader from Thermo Fisher

Specifications: Instrument Adaptation Kit for Thermo Fisher Helios QuickLoader

Docking Station for the UHV-Suitcase on the Thermo Fisher QuickLoaderTM. Contains the following items:

  • MD16-0400-0030 with Tube Support
  • FRMVSNRAIL, UHV Suitcase Support Sledge and Frame
  • ADFRMVSNRAILTHFIQL, Mechanical Support Structure for Helios Thermo Fisher quickloader
  • AFTHFIQLKF40, KF40 adapter flange for Thermo Fisher quickloader
  • AFCF16KF40ID30, Adapter CF16 to KF16 flange with Inner Ø of 30.8mm
  • Optional: Transfer Arm End Effector for specific Sample Holder

Download Product Catalogue (pdf)
Requires the Original QuickLoader from Thermo Fisher (not provided by Ferrovac)

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