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Glove Box with UHVCTM Side Plate, 1x CF63R-CF63R, 1x KF40-CF40R, 3x KF40, 1x Serto 6mm-1/4inch

Product code: GBSYT1500ECF63KF40B3XKF40

Ultimate control of the environment in terms of atmosphere and temperature is crucial for cutting edge research in experimental pysics and material science. Important sample preparation tasks such as plunge freezing and mounting of the raw sample onto a sample carrier need to be done inside an inert gas glovebox in order to avoid corrosion or other unwanted alterations of the sample. Once the sample is at cryogenic temperature and mounted to a sample carrier, the speciment needs to be transported to analytical instruments ideally under very good vacuum conditions while maintaining sufficiently low temperature.

The glove box shown here allows for installation of all necessary equipment for establishing an ultimately controlled environment sample transport network.

The left or right side panel of the glove box are prepared for mounting the IAKGBSYLA Docking Kit for UHVCTM as well as our cryo loading station FLCSGB100 on the inside.

UHVCTM Docking Station  Cryo Loading Station  Cryo Preparation LN2 basin


Specifications: Glove Box with UHVCTM Side Plate, 1x CF63R-CF63R, 1x KF40-CF40R, 3x KF40, 1x Serto 6mm-1/4inch


  • Widh = 1500mm, height = 900mm, depth = 750mm
  • Tilted front panel with 3 gloves


  • Front window, 10mm polycarbonat
  • 3 lids to cover glove box ports
  • Stainless steel fram with caster wheels
  • Bespoken media feedthroughs in side panel
  • Load lock 1: Diameter 150mm, lenght = 300mm
  • Load lock 2: Diameter 400mm, length = 600mm
  • Manometers, connections to vacuum pumps
  • Control electronics for sensors and load locks and for gas purifier
  • Roughing pump, 11.6 m3/h
  • Presettable alarm functions for H2O and O2 levels
  • Pressure regulation with foot pedal
  • Oxygen sensor range 0-1000ppm
  • H2O capacitive sensor range 1-3000ppm

Contamination levels:

  • H2O < 1ppm
  • O2 < 1ppm

Complete Specifications: Download PDF

3D-Model (stp) available on request.

End-user certificate (EUC) for dual-use goods is required from purchaser.
Requires an export licence from the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO)

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