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UHV Booster with LN2 Dewar and Resistive Heater

Product code: CTDH40(WT)

The CTDH40(WT) is an LN2 cold trap, used as a cryopump. This so called "UHV booster" for small transfer chambers (e.g. our fast pump down dock VSCT40), "boosts" pumpdown. Used in combination with a turbomolecular pump, it reduces base pressure about a factor of 10 in a given time and thus enables exceptionally fast sample transfer from a portable UHV suitcase into the UHV system.
After filling the dewar with liquid nitrogen, the heat exchanger on the vacuum side of the CTDH40(WT) is cooled down within a couple of minutes and thus a sufficient vacuum level for transferring clean samples is established within approx. 30 minutes.

By using the CTDH40(WT) to establish UHV, bakeout is not required. This has the additional benefit of the UHV-Suitcase not heating up along with the transfer chamber, which would negatively influence the vacuum inside the UHV suitcase.

For quick warm-up, the cold trap can be heated via a built in resistive heater. A filling of 0.5lt will keep the dewar cold for approximately 3h. Delivery includes a plastic lid for the vacuum isolated dewar.

Temperature during cooldown and warmup is monitored using an integrated PT100 sensor. A cable with a suitable connector for the cold trap heater must be ordered separately: CABCTH40HT4M

Specifications: UHV Booster with LN2 Dewar and Resistive Heater

  • LN2 filling volume: ~0.5lt
  • dewar vacuum isolated
  • plastic lid included
  • heat exchanger: Aluminium cooling blocks with OFHC core
  • pumpdown time (with VSCT40): approx. 30 minutes to a pressure of around 1E-8 mbar
  • cooling temperature cryo trap: 80K
  • built-in resistive heater for quick warm up
  • Pt100 temperature sensor
  • 6-pin miniature feedthrough
  • mounting flange: DN40CF (2.75")
  • feedthrough flange: DN16CF (1.33")
  • fully UHV compatible materials
  • cable with connector for cold trap heater must be ordered separately: CABCTH40HT4M

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