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UHV Booster CF40

Product code: CT40(WT)

This LN2 cold trap is part of the VSCT40 dock that enables rapid transfer from a UHV Suitcase to a UHV System.

It can also be ordered separately as an add-on for your own system.
Please check all dimensions in the drawing to ensure compatibility.

Please contact us for more information on the dewar version.


Specifications: UHV Booster CF40

  • Flow through version
  • Heat exchanger with sintered copper bronze core
  • Aluminium cooling blocks
  • OFHC core
  • fully UHV compatible materials
  • Mounting flange: DN40CF (2.75")
  • For use with CF40 copper gasket-annealed (from Case Revision E and new normal CU gaskets can be used)

Download drawing (PDF)
Download 3D (STEP)
Download manual (pdf)

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